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Purchasing a dental practice is a significant long term investment requiring specific knowledge of the dental industry and the current dental practice market. Our team of doctors was handpicked because of their extensive experience in the dental industry and their knowledge of issues that impact a practice purchase decision. Whether you are a dental specialist or restorative dentist, consider having Phase II Associates serve as your advisor when making practice purchase decisions. We know the questions to ask and where to find the answers you need to make a well informed purchase decision.

We have a very active market. Many of our clients' practices sell before they even get posted to the site, so please call if you aren't seeing what you're looking for - there may be more practices in the pipeline that haven't been added yet to our list of Practice Opportunities.


In most cases, the seller of the practice is paid in cash in full at closing. Phase II Associates puts together complete loan application packages for purchasers to apply to specialized lenders who know the dental practice acquisition business. These lenders are familiar with our approach and can quickly approve and fund practice transactions. The time saved in quick funding allows purchasers to start earning income much sooner, thus adding to their opportunity for income.      back to top


Bringing on an associate at the right time can be a valuable addition to your practice. When it is set up as a step toward a time defined buy-out, it helps to maintain the referral sources and value of the practice at the time of transition. Our practice transitions team can help you choose the right opportunity and develop the transition scenario that is right for you.      back to top


Many group practices are set up as partnerships. When looking to create a partnership, Phase II’s team of dentist brokers understands that creating a win-win scenario for both parties requires more than just creating a mutually beneficial financial and legal arrangement. Utilizing our extensive experience as dentists and brokers we have developed a unique facilitative process that helps dentists determine whether they are compatible before entering a partnership. Many of our clients have created long lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships as a result of our facilitation.      back to top


We understand the process of growing a business and merging independent practices. Properly implemented, practice mergers provide a win-win scenario for both parties and are powerful tools for creating wealth. Phase II Associates understands the issues that are necessary in evaluating the feasibility of a practice merger, and we can assist in locating practices that qualify as exceptional merger candidates.

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